In this competitive world, the importance of Resume is unexplainable. Creating a Resume is easy but the structure does matter. When you create a Resume you can lay it out in different ways projecting your skills, achievements, and experience in the best way that an employer expects. A Resume should highlight that you are the right person for the right job.

May be you are skilled, knowledgeable and educated but if you are not successful in creating a perfect Resume, your opportunity for the right career will be a faraway.  

These are some points I would like to add in creating a perfect Resume,

  1. Should include basic information like,
    • • Name
    • • Address
    • • Telephone Number
    • • Email
    • • Key Skills
    • • Educational Qualifications
  2. Avoid using long paragraphs: No employers will be willing to spend too much time in reading essays. Be precise, short and use bullets wherever necessary.
  3. Make it look neat and tidy: justify columns if using a word document. Employers will expect your work to be neat too.
  4. List any work experience: point out your work experience with the correct dates.
  5. Include volunteering: Volunteering enhances hire-ability. Most of the employers love to see volunteering experience of a job seeker. Add volunteering experience in a separate section of a resume.
  6. Get professional: a good written professional resume is essential in an interview as it creates a good impression of a job seeker.
  7. Use keywords: When a recruiting company post ad, they screen the job applications manually or using a technology called applicant tracking system. The advantage of using keywords is that the screening process finds easy to sort out the resume having keywords whereas the long page resumes get dumped.
  8. Keep it up to date: Always include current information in the resume which is true and clear.
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