Background Verification

You NEED to know who you are recruiting! No business can afford to have a ‘Bad Hire’ and we make background checks happen in the right way. Identity checks, employment history checks & address verification are some of the critical coordinates that an employer needs to know before hiring a new recruit.

TPHRC is proud to say that this is one of our strong holds in HR management. We ensure that the new hire is true to his/her words in terms of the data furnished. This is not an area thatcan be left to chance and hence carried out through our own team and network of professionals ensuring legitimate background checks are done with stringent controls in place.

You need to make sure that your business is protected from unsolicited surprises at any point. A new recruit has to be checked for criminal records, driving records and even credit reports as the case may be. What an organisation needs is a policy in place and it should be consistent to ensure smooth sailing through a process.

TPHRC clearly saves the following for you:

  1. Hiring cost can be stopped from growing
  2. Training costs can be curbed
  3. High employee turnover and job dissatisfaction can be averted
  4. Unnecessary litigation can be avoided

We come with sophisticated technology and network in place to ensure correctness of information provided.

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