HR Help Desk Management

TPHRC HR Help Desk multiplies HR efficiency! Our HR Helpdesk service, is THE WINDOW to your employees for any consultation required on human resources.

HR is personal. And it needs the care it deserves.

Having an HR Help Desk with us ensures a central source of information, improves response rates, streamlines and tracks your HR functions and most importantly – have Happy Employees! You can also take your hands off mundane tasks like sending a form to an employee. Allow us to do all those tasks that take your eyes off your organisational goals!

Interacting with HR on some areas can be stressful at times. Knowing that there is an HR help desk will serve as a stress-reducer for an employee. It acts as a primary point of contact for all employees offering solutions over phone and via e-mails or by passing it on to respective HR employees within the company.

Getting in to a legal issue on HR is the last thing a business wants. Ensuring proper documentation and legal procedures will give you peace of mind. HR Help Desk helps your forget about all such hassles and allows you concentrate on your core business.

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