HR Policy Administration

Managing People is one that requires clearly laid out HR policy for creating the best human resource management practices in every organisation. For any concern, you should be in a position to just go back and refer your HR policy in order to make decisions. We are here to help you formulate one just for you!

HR Policies are continuing guidelines enabling HR managers follow organisational priorities whilst ensuring fairness among all employees. Every organisation has its own set of requirements,circumstances, unique policies and even respective geography. TPHRC is dedicated to be very supportive in developing a strong organisational culture that is created particularly for you.

We communicate with you in depth, to understand your organisational requirements and then follow our process of Develop – Formulate – Run – Update

We help develop an HR policy that is suited for YOUR business; create processes following day to day functions. We make sure that Conditions of employment are clearly laid out from the perspective of your organisational objective ensuring fair play. It is also important to ensure that your HR policy is clear, flexible and meet the changing conditions of laws and regulations.

We then formulate purpose and objectives, analyse factors, examine alternatives, develop communicating procedure to the entire organisation and by auditing continuous improvement.

You are now ready to run your show, whilst we keep working at the back end with any updates that happen around this critical HR function.

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