On Boarding Support

In simple words, we help with Organisational Socialization for new employees. Knowledge, skills, behavior and culture are all equally significant in helping a new recruit cruise through the new environment that he/she has stepped in to. We ensure a smooth transition.

On-boarding is not a one-time support, as the term may sound. It is a process that goes a long way in to nurturing a new employee making him/her comfortable in the new circumstances. It involves the induction programme which gives a new employee an idea about the culture in the business, rules and regulations to follow and everything else that one needs to know from day one. Subsequently, it is NOT entirely up to the employee as one may expect it to be. It should be followed up in due course of time to ensure that he/she has been comfortably initiated in to your business culture. We ensure this by keeping in touch with your employee from time to time and also assessing the employee by way of surveys, personal interaction and other forms of communication.In a few months’ time, the new employee will be moulded exactly the way you wanted him/her to be! THAT is our responsibility.

At TPHRC, we ensure a seamless transition for a new employee in to your organisation exactly the way you would like it to be!

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