Statutory Compliance

Every business has to abide by the law of the land. Statutory Compliance ensures that employees are treated fair in all respects related to their work.

Statutory Compliance in HR refers to the legal framework within which organisations must adhere to, in order to ensure proper treatment of their employees. This is to help the business safe from legal issues and it needs thorough understanding of rules and regulations at all times. Quite a time-consuming process indeed!

What we are trying to do is to help you reduce your stress when it comes to matters pertaining to the Law, on a long term basis. At TPHRC we enter into detailed dialogues with you and understand your requirements precisely, before making our suggestions/offer.

More than one area of expertise is required when it comes to Statutory Compliance. Audits, inspections, following ethical practices, ensuring timely adherence to regulations, documentation etc. are some of those areas. Needless to say that non-compliance will lead to penalties and/or litigation,as the case may be. You can have all of those competencies under one roof, remotely working for you when you sign you with TPHRC.

The most important advantage that you are going to get by outsourcing this service is that you do not have to be abreast of all the developments that keep happening in the world of labor law. It keeps changing all the time as part of continuous improvement and we are constantly in touch with any changes made from time to time. What do you get? Worry-free focus on your business goals!

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